Right after completing Monster Dance Off, The Keymaster will say the following:

Well, well, well... I see you have completed the first two islands.
Not bad, not bad at all.
I have unlocked online levels for you.
Let see what more you can do...

From there you can access the Daily Level and Featured Levels for free.

Daily LevelEdit

The Daily Level features a different fan-made level every day (8:00AM-8:00AM) When completed, you can collect bonus diamonds and then wait for the next one.


Currently inactive, RobTop made a special Featured section for Geometry Dash World. While not being imported from the Full Version, it currently includes 142 different levels varrying from Easy to Insane difficulty. Every featured level only uses custom music. There is a Normal 3 star level called Dreams that includes a secret way.

It has recently been hacked by a young kid who added a bunch of "playing recent levels"-worthy levels onto the Featured (IDs start with 45069) and placed it over many blank pages and RobTop hasn't noticed as of now.

Kamijo bugEdit

In the Creators section of the Scores, clicking on Kamijo (now RealKamijo)’s name didn’t bring up his profile, but however his levels instead. The levels were playable and players could get a lot of orbs from them. However, since the music in them were the standard ones, you couldn’t hear them.

This was soon patched when he dropped under 100.